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"Shine Like the Sun, Glow Like the Moon and Flow Like Water.™"

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This is a rare opportunity to shift your Being to a vibrant energy state with a trusted advisor and guide.
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Paul L. Hannah, MD

Master Healer Teacher

Paul L. Hannah, MD, is a vessel through which energy, light, and love flow in abundance. When he smiles and shakes your hand, it opens your heart. Paul is a high-energy, creative, compassionate master teacher and master healer who dedicates his generous life force to teaching people how to create the balance, health, joy, and prosperity that they desire in their lives.

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This session is designed to create real change in your unique energetic field. Paul L. Hannah MD will uncover what blocks are holding you back and empower you to shift them.


You will have incredible breakthroughs, which uncover the truth of who you are and allow you to shed the blocks that keep you from your Godself. You will learn Breathing for health and vitality as well as nutritional adjustments to your diet to support higher body functioning. 


One-on-One Sessions

$300 for 45 mins in person or online


One 20 min session - $100
Package of 3 - $275
Package of 6 - $500

One on One
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Master Healer Teacher Paul L. Hannah MD offers training and mentoring to those individuals who are ready to explore their divine nature.

I have taught Qi Gong Classes in the past. 

My new class will be available in Fall 2022 and more offerings are coming soon so check back!


I offer a unique holistic perspective on health that allows me to connect in an open-hearted way with an audience. My energy creates a field of healing and loving compassion for all.

I am available to speak on the following subjects:

  • Spiritual Qi Gong

  • Martial Arts as a Spiritual Discipline

  • Peak Performance

  • Nutrition

  • Energy Medicine

  • The Journey to your Godself

  • Universal Truths

  • Spiritual Breathing for Awakening

  • Intuitive Holistic Healing

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If you want to be competitive in the marketplace, you need to have a staff that is operating at top physical, emotional, and innovation levels.


Paul L. Hannah MD can “read” the energy of you and your team and offer systems to enhance every perspective to create major breakthroughs. He will draw upon his knowledge of western and ancient healing modalities to help you shift the energy quickly. To upgrade the conscious awareness of your team, new processes will be recommended to ground and evolve this knowledge into better decisions and habits.

Each project is custom-designed for you. Please contact Paul L. Hannah MD to discuss how he can transform your workplace today.

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