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Paul L. Hannah MD

Master Healer Teacher

Paul L. Hannah, MD, is a vessel through which energy, light, and love flow in abundance. When he smiles and shakes your hand, it opens your heart. Dr. Hannah is a high-energy, creative, compassionate master teacher and master healer who dedicates his generous life force to teaching people how to create the balance, health, joy, and prosperity that they desire in their lives.

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Dr. Paul combines his vast knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine to help others on their path to self-realization. He supports people and organizations in a holistic way, asking them to consider their life in physical, spiritual, and emotional choices. His remarkable skill of awareness of the client as an energy Being allows him to quickly identify where there are blocks in their fields. In this way, he can lovingly guide you to make profound choices that empower you on the road to transformation.

A board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Hannah graduated from the UCLA Berkeley Medical Acupuncture Program for Physicians and completed training with the Chinese Cultural Center under the supervision of Grandmaster T.K. Shih, as well as in Nanjing University in China. His areas of specialty include auricular therapy and acupuncture.

Dr. Hannah is an apprentice of Grandmaster Hong Lui, with whom he studied and learned the arts of qigong and energy healing. Dr. David Berry taught Dr. Hannah the art of healing from the metaphysical spiritual quantum field and accepted him as his spiritual son.

Additionally, Paul L. Hannah M.D. has benefited greatly from the inspiration of Dr. Michael Beckwith, Master George Hu, Dr. Barbara King, and the spiritual friendship of America Martinez (psychic).

Professionally, Paul L. Hannah M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist and graduate of the UCLA Berkeley medical acupuncture program for physicians. He also completed training from Nanjing University, where he was licensed for acupuncture, moxibustions, and auricular therapy.

Paul L. Hannah M.D. teaches others how to radiate love as they expand their willingness to grow and awaken their heart connection to their Soul. As a Master Healer/Teacher, Paul demonstrates great love, compassion, and wisdom that he shares freely with his students.

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Master Healer Teacher

You are about to learn the secrets that most people will never know about holistic health! If you want real change, you’ll want to spend some time with Paul L. Hannah M.D.

  • Universal Door Opener

  • Toxic Energy Healer

  • Living Life Teacher

  • Universal Laws Practitioner

  • Holistic Healer

  • Spiritual Qi Gong Master

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QIGong Master

A Force of Healing


Qi gong can be considered one of the most important healing practices of traditional Chinese Medicine. Along with acupuncture and herbology, qi gong is one of the most widely practiced forms of alternative medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine, The meridian system refers to a pathway (or network) in your body through which the qi flows.

The movements of qi gong allow your life energy to better navigate this pathway and flow more freely and vigorously through you.

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