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Getting to Know

Qi Gong


Is it a martial art or some type of yoga? Westerners often have a hard time trying to decipher exactly what is going on. At first glance, some forms of qi gong just look like a group of people moving very slowly.

The graceful, deliberate movements leave onlookers mystified. But exactly what is qi gong and what is its purpose?

Image by Anders Ipsen
Image by Raimond Klavins

Getting to Know



Think of a mantra — a word or phrase you repeat during meditation — as a tool to help release your mind. It can make a lot of difference, especially if you have trouble concentrating or getting in the right frame of mind.

Many people find that using a mantra can boost awareness and improve concentration. Since it helps you stay focused, it could lead to improved results from meditation.

Crystal Raypole - HEALTHLINE

Getting to Know

Holistic Nutrition


The philosophy of holistic nutrition is that one’s health is an expression of the complex interplay between the physical and chemical, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life and being.

Image by Brooke Lark
Image by Karsten Winegeart

Getting to Know

Tai Chi


In the early 20th century, the health benefits of tai chi were widely promoted by the likes of Yang Chengfu, Wu Chien-ch’uan, Sun Lutan, and Yang Shaohu. As a result of this, there is a worldwide following of the martial art that focuses more on the personal health benefits.

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