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What Is Holistic Healing?


Holistic health is very similar to wellness, and the two are closely intertwined. Your holistic health refers to your whole person; body, mind, and spirit.

The idea of holistic healing is that if one part of that whole person isn’t working properly, the whole being will be off-balance. To get you back on track, that root cause needs to be found and treated.

So, for example, if you’re having problems with your skin, commercial medicine may find a cream to heal it. But a holistic doctor will look at factors in your life that could be causing skin problems, including your diet, how you’re sleeping, and what stress you might have in your everyday life.

When it comes to holistic healing therapies, your therapist will do more than prescribe anti-depressants. Instead, they’ll delve into the complexities of your mental state, trying to find the root cause of how you feel. They’ll focus on your whole self, rather than just the part of you that’s hurting.

Holistic therapy also focuses heavily on wellness too. They’ll take a look at your current life and help you transform it into something that’s working for you rather than against you.

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Paul L. Hannah MD offers you mystical and holistic processes to shift your body, mind, and spirit to an empowered and vibrant state.

His heart-based and time-tested methods quickly transform the blocks that keep you from your joy.

You are about to learn the secrets that most people will never know about holistic health! If you want real change, you’ll want to spend some time with Paul L. Hannah M.D.

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Kathy Mason

Paul Hannah is a remarkable Master Teacher Healer. He works with his clients with a loving kindness and compassion that is rarely experienced in healthcare today. His knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine gives him the resources to solve problems on a spiritual, emotional and physical levels. He offers deep and profound solutions that last. I hope that you get a chance to work with Dr. Hannah and connect to yourself at a new, more positive and joyful way.

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How I Can Help You

Paul L. Hannah M.D. has studied Qi Gong with numerous masters and is an inner door disciple of Grandmaster Hong Liu. Much of his formal Qi Gong training has come from Grandmaster Hong, Grandmaster Kwok (Hong Kong), Grandmother Wong Kiew Kit and Grandmaster T.K.Shih. On the metaphysical plane, Dr. David M. Berry introduced Paul L. Hannah M.D. to the wisdom of life science and adopted him as a “spiritual son”.